Here are 10 of the most compelling reasons for getting a mobile website established for your business. Think you don’t need a mobile website? Think again!

1. Somewhere between 20-25% of most sites visitors are using a mobile browser. Don’t you want to give these people the best experience possible?

2. Mobile sites load quicker, and present the visitor with the information they seek, with as few clicks as possible.

3. Mobile sites are designed for conversion, with click-to-call and click-to-text functionality for instant contact.

4. Mobile sites are great for showing your portfolio/products/services when a computer is nowhere to be found.

5. Mobile sites can be easily saved to the home screen of the iPhone, similar to an app, staring your customer in the face every time they look at their phone. Great for regular customers.

6. Provide better service to existing customers with easy 2-click calling and emailing, just by saving your app to their home screen.

7. Mobile browsers looking for your business are highly likely to become customers. They are looking for what you have, and a mobile site makes it as easy as possible for them to contact you.

8. Most people read emails on their phones, and if you are doing any email marketing, a conversion focused mobile app will increase engagement and conversion.

9. It’s cutting edge, and it is the future. In the past your business needed a website. While your business still needs a website, you also need a mobile site because the % of people browsing the web from a mobile phone is only going to increase. Also, many younger people forego home Internet service and use their phone exclusively to browse the web.

10. Having a mobile site opens up interesting mobile pay-per-click advertising opportunities, and mobile PPC tends to convert better than browser-based PPC, due to the targeted and motivated nature of visitors. 

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