When you are starting from virtually scratch, getting more traffic to your website can seem like an insurmountable task. Here are 5 easy ways you can start increasing website traffic, right now.

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Email Signatures – Email signatures are quick and easy way to link your site and stir up some easy hits. Of course, the people you are getting to your website have already heard of you, but perhaps they may stumble onto your site and read about some other product or service you provide that they do not have, or would like to know more about. If you are blogging, rather than linking to your homepage, link to your latest post or news update to keep it fresh.

Email Marketing – If you are not yet building a mailing list and sending out semi-regular messages, you are behind the times. Be religious about collecting customer and lead emails and building your list organically. Send messages on a regular basis, but not so regular that you annoy the people on your list. A good rule of thumb is to send frequently enough to that people are used to getting your messages, and make your information so good that they can’t wait to open!

Craigslist – Craigslist not be for every business, but for service and consumer focused businesses, it can be invaluable. Despite popular opinion, many visitors on craigslist are motivated buyers, and if you can get your ads posted enough to catch their eye, you would be stupid not to try.

Onsite SEO – Have you optimized your website to rank for the product and services you provide, and the cities and towns where you operate? If not, you should look at tweaking a few factors on your site to help it rank better, namely the meta-titles, internal link, and more. In addition, you should make sure your site is search engine friendly, and you can track how people find your site and what keywords are driving traffic. 

Video Marketing – As of 2011, YouTube was averaging over 3 billion searches per day. By producing high quality and informative videos, you can get your message out to this growing audience. To get the most bang for your videos, always make sure to link your website and phone number at the front of your video description. Also, make sure your videos are titled, categorized and tagged properly so that your videos will be easy to find.

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