Things change, and standards evolve.

SSL encryption has now become the minimum standard for securing your website.

If you aren’t familiar with SSL, the way you can tell if a site is encrypted is by looking at the URL in your browser.

Sites that have SSL encryption will show https:// with a secure green lock, compared to an unsecured site, which will show http://.

In the recent past, it was standard to add SSL to eCommerce sites where credit card details are exchanged, or sites collecting and storing customer data, but it wasn’t really worth the extra cost and setup requirements for a a basic site.

This is no longer the case, and SSL encryption is now a highly encouraged necessity for all business websites that transfer data, including basic contact forms. Not to mention, the extra peace of mind it can give those browsing your site that the data they transmit is secure.

Google recently announced that as of October 2017, sites not setup with SSL will display as insecure to users in Chrome, and who if/when Firefox, Safari & others will make the same classification.

In order to avoid having your site being labeled as insecure, consider adding SSL now to stay ahead of the curve.

What it Costs

We have always provided an SSL security certificate and installation for $150, with a $100 yearly renewal.

To encourage everyone to setup an SSL certificate on our server, we have dropped the yearly renewal fee, and cut the setup fee in half!

That’s right!

For a one-time $75 fee, we can add an SSL certificate and installation to your site.

We are also offering a $125 option, which includes the SSL certificate, plus a customized privacy policy and terms of use pages added to your site, and linked in the footer.

If you are ready to add SSL now, simply let us know you would like to add SSL and which package, and we will get it added immediately (pending current workload), and then bill the card on file.

Please contact us with any questions about SSL or anything else by replying to this email or calling 925.963.1377.


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