Have you received a manual penalty from Google as a result of work performed by a previous SEO contractor?

bizdetail-eagle11Backlink removal is a science and an art.

If you would like to get a handle on the situation, and give yourself the best chance for reversing a penalty with a reconsideration request, there are no simple shortcuts, and our manual Back Link Audit & Removal package is just what you need.

The goal of our Link Audit package is to focus all attention to getting the worst links identified, removed, and/or disavowed. In order to get to this point however, surfing through all of the sites that are recognized as linking to yours to identify the culprits is where the work is really put in.

If your domain is suffering from a Google Penalty as a result of Panda or Penguin, finding the right expert to help you get the penalty removed is difficult and time consuming, especially if you don’t know the right questions to ask and have relied on “SEO Experts” that had no idea what they were doing, and have ultimately caused harm to your website.

Rather than relying on a company that previously sold link building to now remove links, or even worse, paying these people a second time to remove the links THEY created, hire an independent expert to perform an manual link audit.

bizdetail has helped to reverse penalties in some of the most penalized industries, and of clients that had worked with SEO companies with thousands of links and domains identified within Google Webmaster Tools.

If you are suffering from a manual penalty, and would like to put together a plan to have your Google Penalty removed, please call 925.963.1377 or send us an email today.


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