“One of the most frequent questions we get is “Will my new site be mobile-friendly?”

So I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about the methods we use at bizdetail to develop mobile-friendly, mobile-optimized websites.

The best way to build a mobile friendly website is to use a responsive theme.

Compared to normal themes or templates, which look the same whether the person is using a computer or phone, a responsive theme is going to tailor the experience to the devise and browser the person is using.

For example, if you are using a phone to look at a responsive site, there may be features that show only on a phone, such as click to call or click to text. In addition, the menu is reduced to a single dropdown, which is much more accessible than having to zoom in and zoom out to view an extended, full width menu.

More importantly, there is actually no zooming at all. Everything adjusts automatically to the width.

Given how popular mobile phones and mobile browsing is, and how they are likely to increase, you really need to be designing your site using a responsive theme here in 2015.

A few years back, running a separate mobile site was a fairly common practice, but this has become a frowned upon method for building a mobile friendly site, for a number of reasons. It is terribly inefficient having to manage and host two sets of resources and make updates on both sites if you want them to match up.

Sometimes people would do a dumbed-down, simple, mobile-only site, and the problem is, that is not what visitors expect to see, the want full access to your site. In addition to being more visitor-friendly, it is actually the recommended best practice from google to run one, single website.

A responsive theme is the best way to build a website that is friendly for all visitors on all devices.”


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