One of the easiest ways to start making your website more interesting to both prospective clients and search engines is by adding a blog.

If you do a web search, more than likely, 5 out of the top 10 results will be blogs.  This is no coincidence.  Search engines like Google and Bing love blogs because they are filled with content and updated regularly—both major factors that affect how your page will rank.

Content is truly king.  If you are trying to build up traffic for your webpage or just improve your ranking for keywords that are already generating traffic, adding a blog is a great first step.  From there, blogs have a number of features that can help you spread you message to existing and prospective customers.

For example, a blog gives you a convenient place to update customers to the latest news and happenings of your industry.  If you are already utilizing email marketing, use your blog as a hub, and each time you add a post, send out a newsletter and alert your customers.   It is a great way to put your business in front of customers and get them thinking about your company.

Another advantage of blogging is RSS (Really Simply Syndication), a feature that is built into all major blogging platforms.  As you add new content to your site, RSS will allow you to ping your feed to various newswires, and hopefully a few will pick up your content and display it to their readers.  Not only can RSS increase buzz and help you reach people that have never heard of your company, it can also help you build back-links, another major component of optimizing your website for search engines.

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