Video is perhaps the most valuable tool for conveying your message to a targeted audience.

Whether your interested in a simple business profile video for your website, or having our crew come to your location to film live video, we can take care of your needs.

Our standard website package comes with a simple profile video, roughly a minute or less, that introduces customers to your company. It includes professional voice-over and a complimentary audio track set to images. For many small businesses, this is enough.

For other businesses, it makes sense to set a date for our film crew to come out to your place of business to produce a live video, or even a series of videos.

If your interested in a more controlled studio environment, we also have a space available in the East Bay. Perfect for interviews, product profiles, and other subjects.

To learn more about our promotional video services, call 925.963.1377


When you work with bizdetail, you work with a partner who understands what makes small businesses thrive.