Have you picked out an Elegant Theme to use on your WordPress website, but still need some extra customization support?

We have built hundreds of customized business websites using various Elegant Themes, and quite frankly, love to work with these themes because they are so well done.

While Elegant Themes are some of the easiest to work with once they are setup, they can still be difficult to figure out for the web design / WordPress novice.

Instead of trying to figure out hosting, design, customizing your theme, and the various other steps involved with launching your new WordPress website, come host your site with us, and consider budgeting for a few hours of design & training support.

We will install a fresh version of WordPress plus an Elegant Theme of your choice, and work with you to customize it to your application.

Our Gold Level Hosting comes with a number of services that will be beneficial for the first time designer, including theme customization support, email administration support, tutorial videos on site development and marketing, and more.

There are a lot of choices for designing and hosting your website, most of which will leave you stuck trying to figure out how to combine the various components and skill sets required into a website, let alone, a professional one that achieves your needs.

Trying to build your own site is OK if you know what you are doing, frustrating and time-consuming if you don’t, and are starting from scratch.

Hosting your WordPress site built with Elegant Themes with bizdetail is your protection against the typical pitfalls of trying to build your own site. We will help you get and keep your site online, secure and up to date, in addition to making sure you have affordable and predictable support you can rely on.

If you can budget for a custom design, we can handle everything for you, or just give you the extra support you need to get setup, marketing, and making money.

A perfect solution for small business. Get setup and launched today, call 925.963.1377.


When you work with bizdetail, you work with a partner who understands what makes small businesses thrive.