10/22/2015 – Email Setup Policy

Due to circumstances beyond our control, clients setting up new domain-based email addresses to interface with gmail must first create and confirm a new gmail account, then provide the name/password in a email ticket to support@bizdetail.com.

In the past, we handled the account creation process for clients as part of our commitment to customer service, but confirmation steps instituted by google/gmail make it impossible to continue with this arraignment.

If you need to setup a new domain-based email addresses and want to use gmail to send/receive for this address, please:

  1. Create a new gmail account or use an existing account
  2. Send an email to support@bizdetail.com. and provide access details for your gmail account, plus the new email address (ie me@mydomain.com) you would like to create.

If you need a new email address and prefer to use a different email client, please send a ticket to support@bizdetail.com and confirm the new email you would like to create, and how you plan to access it. We will create the account and reach out if we need more information. 


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