Frustrated with Homestead websites? We can help you re-design a new website, rather than waste more time with this “impossible to contact” company.


Is your website currently built or hosted with Homestead?

Based on our experience working with numerous clients who have their domains hosted with Homestead, it seems that the company is very hard to contact if you have a problem. In fact, as of 1/2/2013, their website does not list a contact page, and a phone number/email address for support issues are nearly impossible to find.

Perhaps this customer support issue (or lack there-of)  is related to the fact that Homestead was recently sold by Intuit to a company called Endurance International (source), even though Homestead, many months AFTER the sale, still bills itself as owned by Intuit:

(screen shot taken December 2012)

If you are sick of waiting for customer service from Homestead websites to deliver, and would rather have your website redesigned by a company that takes pride in customer service, contact us at 925.963.1377 or send us an email today.


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