An easy way to get more leads from your website is to increase the conversion rate.

Here are 3 quick ways to get more calls, emails, and opt-in leads from your existing website traffic.

Contact Forms, EVERYWHERE – A contact form on every page of your website in a prominent location can drastically increase the number of emails you receive. If people can opt-in for more information on every page of your site, it doesn’t matter where they enter the site or navigate, the contact form is easily accessible, and staring them right in the face.

Phone Number, EVERYWHERE – Your phone number should be listed in various prominent locations on your website. It should be hard to avoid. In the header, above the fold, on top of the sidebar and  in the footer are a few places where customers might look for your number. Make it easy for them to find, don’t bury it on your contact page.

Mobile-Friendly Design – With more people using their phone to browse the web, sites that aren’t mobile-friendly risk lower conversion rates. A good mobile-friendly design is responsive, loads quickly, and offers easy click-to-call and click-to-email functionality above the fold of the homepage, which will increase website conversion.

Having a professional website in 2015 means that your site is mobile-friendly, and sites that are mobile-optimized will convert visitors at a much higher rate than a site that is not up to current standards.

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