Generating local targeted leads from your website is something every business strives for. However, you don’t get there overnight.

You need a plan to not only generate traffic, but capture the contact info of the people once they do make it to your site.  At bizdetail, we have that plan, and it all starts with your website.

In order to generate leads from your website, it needs to both look professional, and be designed for conversion. From the moment someone lands on your site, your site should establish credibility and let people know YOU are the EXPERT they should be talking to. Not only that, your site should make it SUPER EASY for them to get into contact.

Contact forms and phone numbers on every single page is a great place to start, and once you have these tools in place, it is all about getting people onto the website.

The below video we put together breaks down the process of generating a local lead from your website using the strategies of content creation and search engine optimization.

These strategies are ideal for SMBs who target a localized region. Perfect for contractors, medical professionals, and other service-focused businesses.

There are other methods of generating targeted sales leads, and you should definitely explore them, but you should also dedicate resources to keeping your site growing with quality, keyword focused content.


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Part II.



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