In the last decade, Internet search has essentially replaced the phonebook, and the free Google Places business listings played an important role in this transition.

More recently, Google began to ask businesses to transition their Places listings onto Google Plus, the social network they hope will one day take over the world, Zuckerberg-style.

While some tech pundits have mocked Plus in terms of real user interaction compared to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the real advantage of Plus is that it comes with a number of tools to help optimize your website.

One cool tool is Authorship, which will allow your Plus profile picture to show up in the search results (for some listings) next to your site’s link. Such enhancements can drastically increase the number of people who click through to visit your site.


Google has also been very adamant about “social signals” being one of the new important metrics used to display search results, and you should make sure to add tools to your website that make it easy for people to share your links on Plus, and other social networks. 

You should also post links on your own Plus account, leading back to the best content on your site, other social networking content, yelp profiles, an more. Participate in discussions on the site where you can, and try to get people talking on the content you post.

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