Zoho CRM is a great way to track and convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow revenue. 

For those with an existing WordPress website, it is relatively easy to setup an account and integrate into your website and business.

While some CRMs cater more to big business (and have an expensive price tag to match it), Zoho gives small businesses a powerful set of tools that are worth exponentially more than the $16/mo. per user.

If your website generates a few emails per day or per week, you already know how quickly they pile up, and how hard it is to keep all the details straight.

With Zoho, you can automatically store, track and follow up with new website leads, as well as putting systems in place to store leads from other sources.

There are a ton of other capabilities of Zoho CRM, depending on what you need it to do.

If  you are interested in setting up a Zoho CRM account and getting it integrated with your WordPress website, please call 925.963.1377 or contact us


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