An up to date website is essential for any business. If your website looks old and outdated, potential and current customers will assume the same about your company.

At bizdetail, have always been big proponents of unlocking the technology for our customers dedicated to learning how to maintain their website and blog on their own. We have many that are doing just that, some quite successfully.

Still, the task of keeping your site up to date, let alone growing with new content and functionality requires time, desire and focus, that is, if you can even get past the technology in the first place.

Based on feedback from customers, we have evolved our list of services included with our hosting & management plans. 

First, we have added an optional upgraded hosting, which includes 6 website updates and email blasts per year. Perfect for the small business who wants to keep their website up to date and stay connected with their most important customers, without breaking the bank. 

Next, those signed up for monthly management plan now have a list of website & marketing improvements* to pick from, including mobile websites, flyer design, email marketing, video blogging, craigslist ad creation, and so much more.

Over time, we will be adding more services and examples of ways we can make your website work better for your business.

Check out our hosting plans, and read about what is included with our website & marketing improvements.

If you have any questions about our services, please call 925.963.1377.

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When you work with bizdetail, you work with a partner who understands what makes small businesses thrive.