Get Uncomfortable is the creation of Jason Feyock, a website (and eventually, an app) that helps people step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves. 

The site functions similarly to a blog, with a few challenge updates per week that assign people a specific personal challenge task, some straightforward (like using a reusable water bottle), some not (like taking a cold shower).

For those looking to break out of their bubble and grow, Get Uncomfortable can help.

The first thing that greets visitors is a pop up form that asks them to subscribe to receive free challenges sent to their email. To achieve this task, we used the Mailmunch plugin, and integrated it with a free mailchimp account.

With frequent content being a central part of Get Uncomfortable, it was important that Jason be able to add new Uncomfortable Challenges on his own, in addition to sending newsletter blasts as new content as added.

Knowing this up front, we built out the site to make it as easy and straightforward as possible to add new updates. We also filmed a series of screen capture videos of how to complete the most common tasks, and followed up with a number of one on one training sessions to make sure everything was clear.

As the idea catches on, adding automated mailers for new subscribers will become a priority, and all the pieces are in place to switch over to a paid mailchimp account, and turn on automation.

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