We recently helped design and launch the new American Array Solar & Roofing website, and it came out great!

American Array is an end to end solar installation specialist, from design to sales, installation and support. We worked closely with their team to make sure the site matched their brand and unique value proposition.

Their old site was built on Square Space and looked very generic, so we switched it over to WordPress and worked to revamp the design.

With locations throughout the Bay Area, Central Valley and Southern California, if you are interested in installing solar to lower your energy bills, give American Array a call. Here is a link to check out their website. where you can find numbers for their various locations.

On the design side, we chose to incorporate a lot of white space, subtly working in red and blue as accent colors. They really wanted to use an American flag somewhere, (which is hard to do in a way that looks good, at least to a designer’s eye) so we working it into the background near the top of the homepage, adding a transparent overlay to mute the colors, and make the text appearing on top of it, legible.

One of the pieces of the site that came out best way the customer testimonial and review window, near the bottom of their homepage. Badges where added to show their A+ BBB ranking, plus Home Advisor Elite Service and Top Rated statuses, with a slideshow of quotes from customers on Yelp, right below.

For projects like this, generate clicks, calls and emails is always the goal, and our design presents various calls to action. Within hours of launching, their first email lead came in, and since then, more have followed, which means the site converts!

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