Is your current web designer not providing you with the support you deserve? It happens.

Extracting yourself from a relationship with an old web designer can be difficult, but if your needs are not being met, it has to be done. Why invest even more time working with someone that has been unresponsive to your needs?

We can help you put together a plan to move your website to a new host, and make sure nothing is lost in the transition.

We will work closely with you to put together a list of the critical steps and access details required so that we can take over hosting, security & support duties.

Critical components of moving your site may include:

Hosting Access- Your website resides on a server, which may be controlled by your designer, or setup through a separate host, such as GoDaddy or Network Solutions. We may or may not need access to your hosting account in order to make a backup of your site to restore elsewhere. In some circumstances, it is completely possible for us to pull a backup of your site and restore it on our server, without requiring access to your hosting account. A nice, clean break.

Domain Access- In order to move your website, we will need to be able to point your domain to our server. This means we will need to log into your domain registrar account. Hopefully, you registered your domain and have the login information. If your designer originally registered the domain for you and has control of it, we will need their cooperation to point the domain, and hopefully transfer the domain to your control. Someone else having control of your domain and potentially holding it hostage is a risk, so if your designer has control of your domain and is being unreasonable, the process can be a bit more complicated.

Email Setup- If you have domain based emails currently setup, we will need to recreate them on the new server, and make sure all of your emails are maintained/transferred.

Moving your website to a new designer can be simple, or it can be complicated. Asking the right questions and putting together a list of critical steps is essential to a smooth transition to a new host and designer.

We have moved hundreds of websites, and can simplify the process as much as possible.

Call us today at 925.963.1377 and we will put together a transition plan to get your site back on the right track!


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