It seems the marketing free ride on craiglist has come to an end!

Starting 3/15/18, craiglist will now charge $5/per post in the “Services Offered” and “Gig Offered” categories.

While I can’t blame them for wanting to monetize their platform, craigslist clearly has major issues with bots, spam, and scams, and this (fingers-crossed) could help with that, and actually help the platform as a place where small businesses can connect with customers.

I’d LOVE to see craigslist allow more than 2 posts per day, and would gladly pay $5 per post if the results are there, but the details of how this will be implemented will make or break all of us. The uncertainty of not knowing how this will go is not fun.

As a marketing company, craigslist can be a great source of leads, and this system might actually allow us to help our clients post, which has been hard to achieve while following the rules of the current system. Would also be nice if they bring back hyperlinks in these categories, which seems fair if you are taking people’s money to run an ad, but who knows if they will allow it.

If paying the $5 will allow for unlimited posts, and if the fee cuts off all the spam and scams that drown out the good services, so be it.

Change is not good or bad, it just is. Try to stay positive, people. We might all be better off, but the devil will be in the details.

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Update: Did find this thread from Git Hub from back in January, when the issue was brought before the teams at Yoast & Elegant, who were unable to recreate the issue.


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