WordPress can be a gift or a curse.

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In the wrong hands, your site can turn into a real mess that is difficult for even an experienced web designer to dissect.

Theme issues, plugin issues, hacking issues, conflicts between the two, plugins that are built poorly and/or rarely updated. The list goes on and on.

Experienced WordPress web designers aren’t perfect, but they can usually foresee and avoid the issues that rookie or hobbyist designers tend to make with WordPress.

If your site is currently experiencing bugs, plugin issues, or other problems, the question becomes, is it easier to rebuild your site from scratch, or troubleshoot and fix the bugs?


Reasons why rebuilding / designing is often easier than fixing are numerous. For example:

  • If the site utilizes a poorly done, inflexible or non-mobile friendly theme, and you want to fix it up, or make a bunch of design changes, rebuilding is an easy call.
  • If your site uses a bunch of plugins haphazardly, utilizes plugins for important functionality which aren’t up to standards (ie poorly done site builder), rebuilding can save time of trying to sort it out, and redesigning can put you in a much better place.
  • If your site has a ton of bugs, plugin conflicts and other issues that aren’t sorted out by (first pulling a backup), then updating WordPress, plugins, and removing anything unnecessary, troubleshooting from there becomes more complex, and potentially time consuming.


While it can be hard to hear “Your site needs to be rebuilt, we have to start over,” if it does, it does.

Depending on how far your website is along, how much traffic you get, and how you rank in search, an experienced designer will be able to simplify the design process as much as possible, and leverage what is salvageable from your existing site, if anything.

If you are having to ask if it time for a redesign and revamp, it is probably time.

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