Make your website as fast as possible to increase conversions and improve user experience.

Our site speed and performance optimization package will give us a chance to implement strategies and best practices to make your website as fast as possible. Humans love a fast website, so does Google, which uses site speed as one important factor in ranking your website. 


These checks analyze the speed and performance of your site, server & content.


These checks highlight opportunities to improve the accessibility of your web app.

Best Practices

These checks look at the big picture of how your site works and functions.


These checks ensure that your page is following basic search engine optimization advice.

Faster is better, we'll get your site up to speed!

Our site speed and performance optimization is the easiest way to speed up your WordPress site, and ensure your site passes performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO checks. 

We will guarantee your site scores 90% or higher on the Google PageSpeed Insights test for Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO, and an A score on the GT Metrix test.

Faster is always better when it comes to websites. People have short attention spans, and a slow loading site could be chasing off your best customers. Sign up now and we’ll make sure your site follows best practices and loads lightning fast. 

For the best results, sign up for monthly / quarterly updates to make sure your site stays fast, as you continue to grow it. 

Site Speed & Performance Optimization

$ 499 one time (optional monthly / quarterly updates available)
  • Guaranteed 90% or higher scores on PageSpeed Insights
  • Pass Performance, Acessibility, Best Practices & SEO tests
  • Guaranteed GT Metrix A Ranking
  • Site Accessibility Plugin Setup
  • Site Accessibility & Disability Statement
  • Improve User Experience, Reduce Bounces & Improve SEO


People are impatient, and a slow website is frustrating. Having a site that loads quickly on desktop and mobile is a necessity of doing business in today’s tech-focused economy. 

The accessibility plugin helps people with visual disabilities better navigate your website. They are able to increase text sizes, change colors, and improve their user experience, as needed. We will make it available as a floating icon towards the bottom of your site. 

The accessibility statement reaffirms your commitment to help people with disabilities navigate your website, and gives them a path to follow if their need extra support. It is recommended that all businesses with a physical location add a disability statement as a part of best practices. We will customize your statement and link to it from the footer. 

To get started, we need 2 things: WordPress administrator and FTP access. No time is requires on your end. 

Once we get started, the process usually takes 5-7 days.

We will optimize your website for desktop and mobile environments, and guarantee a 90 or higher score for Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO. We will provide before and after results. Depending on site growth and changes, your score may degrade over time, and offer regular monthly and quarterly clean ups, as necessary.