Mini-sites are topic/service focused sites that live independently from your main website on a separate domain.

Launching a mini-site, or even a series of mini-sites, is a great way to promote a specific service or target customers in a certain location. 

Typically, mini-sites are single page websites that are designed 100% with lead capture in mind. 

Here is an example of a mini site built by us, featuring CoolSculpting non-surgical liposuction in San Francisco:



And, another mini-website we did to promote an in-office dental Savings plan for a San Francisco dentist:


As you can see, both sites:

  • feature the location of the business and/or the service in the URL
  • are single page sites
  • present the visitor with an offer to “book” or “contact” from the moment they land on the site
  • prominently feature the phone number, and constantly direct the visitor’s attention back to either calling or emailing to book an appointment.

So, hopefully that gives you an idea of what constitutes a mini-website. 

For maximum effectiveness, mini-sites can also be equipped with their own presence, including a blog, unique physical address, social profiles, and other tools that make up a modern online presence.

Pay per click ads, facebook ads, email marketing and more can all be used to drive traffic to the mini-sites, and with enough content and effort, the mini-site might even start to rank organically.

Depending on how you set up the branding and contact information, the mini-site may even show in organic search results when people search your business by name.

Compared to losing that traffic to sites like yelp or other directory sites, ie sites rich with distractions and ads from your competitors, it would be highly advantageous to get the visitors onto a property owned and managed by you, even more so, one that is designed specifically to convert. 

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