11/11/15 – Support Policy & Ticketing System

Over the last year, we have been transitioning to a ticket based support system, which helps us track and take care of support issues as quickly as possible.

To those that have used the system to access support, thank you!

To those of you who haven’t yet used the system, it is very easy to get started.

To create a ticket, just send an email to support@bizdetail.com. This will automatically reroute your email into our support system. Once you have created your first ticket, an account will be automatically created for follow up, and for future tickets.

At any point, you can access the support panel by visiting our CONTACT page, then clicking the Support Panel link at the top of the page.

NOTE: Starting now, we will reroute direct email requests for support into the ticketing system, and may ask that you resubmit your request if it is sent to the wrong place. We hope you understand our intentions are to provide better service and communication, and the ticketing system helps us to achieve these goals. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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