Building a webpage without a plan can have disastrous consequences for the return on your investment.

The simple reality is that there are many different ways to “build a website,” but the developer and technology you chose can make all the difference as to whether your site generates traffic or sits vacant, doing nothing for your business. In other words, you better plan carefully and make sure you get something that is going to achieve your long term goals.

For example, some developers might propose designing your site a with flash, however a flash website typically has little text content, and therefore, little chances of ranking high in search engines like google. Even worse, it will be hard to edit and keep up to date, the virtual kiss of death for a website. 

The technology you choose to build your site should also include the ability to keep your site up to date. If you are planning to aggressively market online, you want to make sure you have complete control of editing and adding new content. Why? Adding new and exciting content is the single best way to bring your traffic to your website, and if you ignore this aspect, your site is doomed!

For the business owner inexperienced with managing a website, simplicity is vital. If you are brand new to online marketing, having someone to support you and guide you through the process can pay large dividends. Find a developer that understands what it takes to build a business website, knows the technology involved, and then let them run with it!

At bizdetail, this is our specialty. Every site in our portfolio is live and launched, and every client we have ever had is satisfied. Not too many web developers can say the same. Call us today at 925.963.1377 to learn more. 



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