The eLiquid industry is in a constant state of change, with new laws popping up regularly across the country. 

Up until recently, eLiquid brands were able to sell online without a lot of “bureaucratic red tape”, but those days are over.

Moving forward, one of the best things you can do to protect your eLiquid brand is to add age verification with Veratad to your checkout process.

Using the Veratad API, we can set your site up to run age verification checks in real time, while your customer is making their eLiquid purchase.

It is also possible to handle the age verification process manually, after someone has made their purchase, but it definitely isn’t as sleek and time-saving as automating the process, especially if your store does any sort of volume.

With differing age requirements in every state, automating age verification can help you avoid having to constantly double check state requirements manually, after every order to confirm the person was the right age for their state.

Instead, you can build out the system using the Veratad API to check someones age and state together automatically.

While it is true that some manual verification work will be unavoidable, like manually following up with those who could not be verified, adding automated age verification to your eLiquid site can help you save time and effort, which can be better spent in other areas.

There is a good deal of customization that can be done with the Veratad Age Verification API, depending on how you want your cart to function.

For example, when age verification cannot be confirmed, it is possible to allow the order to go through anyway, without notifying or even mentioning to the customer they have failed. This will allow the order to go through and money to change hands, with verification to occur manually after the fact.

Setting up your cart in this way is a good idea, and worst case scenario is that you will have to cancel the order and refund the customer, should verification not be possible. It’s a much better plan than scaring off the customer during the checkout process, right at the time they are trying to make a purchase and give you money.

While we are web designers and not lawyers, we do understand the complexities that affect your eLiquid brand.

If you are interested in adding real time age verification to your eLiquid shopping cart website, whether it is built in Shopify, WooCommerce or some other cart, we would love to chat!

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