The Viking Lab is a gym that provides personal training programs to the general public. Located in Concord steps from the Walnut Creek border, the gym specialized in helping people customize their training program to meet their individual goals.

One thing that necessitated the new website for The Viking Lab was Google’s decision to sunset their website program built into the Google My Business platform, and instead redirect the old URL to the businesses’ profile on Google. For The Viking Lab, that meant their old website disappeared virtually overnight, with limited notice.

We were able to find the old website content using The Internet Archive / Wayback Machine, an amazing service that allows anyone to go back in time, and look at a website as it existed in the past.

The owner of the Concord gym & training program wanted to keep it simple, and build a site that 1. Highlighted what the gym had to offer 2. Spoke the language of their target audience, the general public, who were interested in losing weight, gaining strength, and taking charge of their personal fitness 3. Allowed people to book a free consultation at a time of their choosing.

We were able to achieve their goals with a simplistic design and layout that is equally appealing on both laptop and mobile. The site matches the branding of the gym, and does everything it needs to do, without doing too much.

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