Upgrade Your Business Website

The only constant with technology is change. These website upgrades will help bring your site up to date, with the latest tools, marketing resources, and best practices, plus align with how you do business.

Retool, modernize and update your site & online presence for 2024.

Our Site Retooling Package was carefully put together after analyzing our latest 50-100 projects completed over the past 18 months, and the features we are most often integrating into the small business websites we build. 

It’s a customized solution for any small business that has a website that is a few years old that needs to brought up to what’s going on in 2024, both internally to your company, and externally to meet modern trends and best practices. 

Whether your old site was built by us or you are looking for someone new to take over your website management, the retooling package will give us a chance to work closely with you to update your site and presence with the latest tools and strategies for connecting with your best customers.  

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Website & Presense Wellness Check

Goal: Identify and address major issues.
Time To Complete: 1 week
Hours Estimate: 6-12 hours 
Terms: Deposit for 6 hours, final hours billed on completion. Submit deposit

Our Website Wellness Check involves analyzing your site using our custom 22+ point checklist to identify and fix issues, as well as integrate important tools and best practices. 

Our checklist was crafted with our experience researching and building thousands of small business websites over the course of the last decade.

In short, sites that were built more than a few years back are often lacking in certain areas, missing important features or just need a little bit of TLC.

We will systematically go through your site and online presence to make sure you are equipped with the latest marketing tools, follow best practices for usability and mobile, and meet the standard for what a small business website needs to achieve in today’s online environment.  

Design Revamp & Content Update

Goal: Modernize and update your site’s appearance and messaging.
Time To Complete: 2-4 weeks
Hours Estimate: 20+ hours (pending scope)
Terms: Deposit for half of hours estimate (15 hour minimum), final hours billed on completion. Submit deposit or request a custom proposal.

Need to make website changes? We will work closely with you to revamp and update your homepage, and improve your site’s messaging until it speaks to the right customers.

Whether your homepage needs a little bit of TLC or you need a more extensive revamp, we will start by sitting down with you to look at your website together, and present our ideas and upgrade options covered on this page. 

We will take your site through our process, and build it so it does what it needs to do, plus presents a modern, professional, mobile-friendly experience for visitors. 

Our Design Revamp & Content Update budgets the time we need to work together to get your site set up for success. 

Review Integration & Automation

Goal: Import reviews from Google, Yelp and other review sites, and display them on your website 
Time To Complete: 2-4 days
Hours Estimate: 4 hours 
Terms: Payment for 4 hours, plus $30 plugin fee, due up front. Submit payment

You have great reviews online, might as well display them on your website! 

Reviews help your business stand out, provide social proof to potential customers, and validate your company as worthy of doing business with.

We will show only the best 5 star reviews from across the web, even ones that have been filtered by Yelp, a major frustration for many business owners.

In addition to displaying the reviews on your site itself, we will also give you tools and advice for generating more reviews, and displaying them on your site automatically.

Reviews are one factor that Google uses to decide whether to show your business listing vs. your competitors, and all things being equal, more reviews is always better.

Our Review Integration & Automation Service is simple and straight-forward, and will help you generate more reviews and best take advantage of them.

Service Area & Living Portfolio

Goal: List the cities you service & create optimized pages that target them
Time To Complete: 1-3 weeks
Hours Estimate: 8-20 hours (pending number of cities targeted) 
Terms: Deposit for 8 hours, final hours billed on completion. Submit deposit

City pages are one way to increase your website’s reach to connect with local customers.

But, it involves more than duplicating a few pages and changing only the city name. In other words, in order for the pages to get indexed and show up in search, the content on these pages needs to be unique and meet certain quality requirements. 

Our “Living Portfolio” approach meets both goals, and helps you reach customers in specific cities you service.

We will craft unique content, and where possible show actual work, with photos and a portfolio of projects that were completed in each city. 

Whether you target a few specific cities, certain counties, OR the entire San Francisco Bay Area, our Service Area & Living Portfolio package will grow your site with content that is optimized for the region you service, and not having it will put your site at a disadvantage against your competitors that feature such content. 

Refer A Friend / Colleague Automated Form

Goal: Generate more word-of-mouth referral from existing customers
Time To Complete: 4-6 days
Hours Estimate: 4 hours
Terms: Payment for 4 hours due up front Submit deposit

An automated “refer a friend or colleague” system is a great way to increase referrals from existing clients.

We will build out a form that introduces you to new prospects by leveraging your current clientele. Add a link to your site’s navigation, and send out an email blast to boost your reach.

Provide a cash incentive or money back to increase the likelihood of referrals, or just ask customers to do it out of a sense of pride or loyalty. Whichever approach you select, reminding your customers you appreciate their referrals is a great way to bring in new business. 

Our Refer A Friend or Colleague Automation Package increases the likelihood of connecting with the best type of customers – One’s that are referred by current customers, and are teed up and ready to hire you. 

Email Marketing Setup & Initial Blast

Goal: Set up a newsletter / mailing list to stay in contact with your best customers
Time To Complete: 1 week
Hours Estimate: 6 hours 
Terms: Payment for 6 hours due up front, then $75/mo. for monthly email blast and contact sync. Extra fee for email newsletter subscription may apply, pending number of contacts Submit deposit

Having a mailing list and being able to reach out to your customers at a moments notice is a necessity for doing business in the modern environment, and if you aren’t sending out a regular newsletter yet, you should be! 

Whether you have customers email addresses at your disposal or you are starting from scratch, we will put the systems in to place, and bring the pieces together. 

We will work with you to craft an initial email blast filled with content that puts you best foot forward, and generates new work and projects from your existing customer base. Ask them for reviews or referrals or just stay on their radar. 

Having a mailing list ready to go is a huge advantage, and helps you connect with customers to let them know of sales, or what’s new as it relates to your company or industry. Send monthly, quarterly or whenever you have something exciting to say.