Our process for building websites has been laid out with a few specific objectives in mind, namely launching quickly with the right technology, and then moving into the marketing of your site as quickly as possible.

We use an out of box content management solution for building your site, which allows us to focus on moving directly into designing your site and loading content early on in the process. Rather than wasting weeks designing and coding your site from scratch, our development strategy will cut out this process out entirely, all the while giving you the functionality and flexibility you need to build a highly effective website, and launch it quickly.

Another great aspect of the technology we use to build your site is that it is an open source solution, meaning there are thousands of pre-developed applications that plug directly into your site, making elaborate functionality like photo galleries, video galleries and blogging relatively easy to hook into your site. Instead of coding something from scratch which costs more and usually leads to an inferior result, your site will be able to take full advantage of this vast catalog of useful plug-ins.

Launching quickly and with flexible and powerful technology is important because it will allow you to ride the momentum and move along to marketing as quickly as possible, namely email marketingsocial networking, blogging, search engine optimization and other strategies that are only possible once your website is built.  


When you work with bizdetail, you work with a partner who understands what makes small businesses thrive.