About once a week, we get a call from a business owner looking for some help editing their existing Wix, GoDaddy, VistaPrint or similar “build your own” website product. 

In most cases, these people have maxed out their web design capabilities, and are looking for someone to bring the finishing touches to their work.

I get it. Building a website can be difficult and expensive, and an easy and cheap alternative sounds like a great idea, until you get stuck troubleshooting a bug or trying to overcome some limitation of the technology or your capabilities.

Before we get too far with our discussion, I make the point that no serious web designer would ever use Wix, VistaPrint, Weebly, GoDaddy, or any similar site builder website product because the technology that runs your site is critical, and that there are much better, cheaper, more flexible, more professional alternatives for building a modern website.

Eventually our conversation makes its way to those alternatives, and the countless design and marketing reasons why WordPress is a superior platform, and why it makes  sense to abandon the old site and shift the content over to a fresh design.

Occasionally, people will ask me to quote both the cost to rebuild the site vs. the cost to just work on and edit their Wix site even after I’ve ripped it to shreds, and I usually decline entirely, or quote the same exact price to make the edits as it would cost to just rebuild the site to really drive home the point that investing further in the old site is the wrong move.

Whether you are going to work with a company like bizdetail or build your own site, the technology you pick is critical to your success, and my advice would be to go with WordPress for your business website.

Why invest more time and effort into a site that will at worst, fail,  or at best, need to be rebuild once you get some traction and max out the capabilities of the site builder?

If you would like to discuss your existing Wix website and why WordPress is a much better alternative, please call 925.963.1377 or send us an email today. 


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