WordPress is predictable; many WordPress themes are not.

Anyone who has worked with a few different WordPress themes understands their idiosyncratic nature.

Some themes and functions within them are easy to figure out. Some take significant discovery and time to customize, even for the experienced WordPress pro.

Most people purchasing a WordPress theme and going at it alone don’t understand that the theme they select may have large consequences for the ease and cost of development of their website. 

The problem is, you don’t really know what you have with the theme until you buy it, install it, and try it out. While purchasing a theme only to find out it has a bunch of bugs can be a major bummer, bailing early and selecting a different theme can save time and headache.

Our design team has successfully customized and launched hundreds of sites using WordPress, and we can help you get setup with a well tested theme that achieves your needs.

If you are consider purchasing a theme and going at it alone, signing up for our Gold Level Hosting Support is a good back up plan should you run into trouble during the design of your site.

We will set up WordPress and get your theme uploaded and ready for you to work on. We have themes available for customization, but if you want to purchase another theme you have found and try it out, that is fine, too.

If you run into issues, our team is available to help, either customizing the theme for you, or working with you to sort out the kinks, and making an assessment of whether the theme is worth proceeding with.

As part of being a member, you also get access to our tutorial videos that are rich with small business marketing advice. Think of it as your backup plan for getting and keeping your site online, secure, and up to date.

Customizing an existing WordPress theme is something we have done hundreds of times. We understand the ins and outs, and can help you avoid the most common theme pitfalls.

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