Wondering how Yelp Advertising works?

Basically, if you pay for advertising, your ads appear on your competitors pages, and your competitors ads are removed from your page. Sort of shady, but depending on your industry, it may be worth considering. 

Whether or not you plan to advertise with Yelp, claiming your ad and taking a pro-active approach is managing it is a good idea. If you have some customers you know are tech savvy and happy with your services, ask them to post a positive review. Likewise, if you happen to get a negative review, make sure to respond and try to make the person happy.

While you can’t please everyone (and Yelp seems to attract a negative audience a lot of the time), if your in business, you have to at least try. Yelp has lots of other issues (for example, the Yelp review filter hiding legit reviews), it is part of the online marketing marketplace landscape, and for that reason alone, you have to pay attention.

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